(Apr 2022)
What is daily life for you? Everyday life is the closest thing to us, and we need to look at
it from an aesthetical perspective. If we don't value our daily lives, who can cherish them?
This project is the second study to deeply examine the aesthetics of everyday life and
interpret them from my own point of view. The first study was “The Chairs” exhibition.
As I have dealt with chairs in my first investigation, dealing with objects that are deeply
embedded in our daily lives and whose existence is faint is a path for this project. Therefore,
I decided to observe "doors." My daily life that I reinterpreted from my perspective soon
becomes my aesthetics. Looking back on the past four years at college, I was focusing on
everyday aesthetics. The study will continue throughout life, but it announces "The Doors"
as the end of four years of research.

It is a daily exertion that was born from extreme ordinariness.