From Nowhere to Now-Here
(Dec 2021)
Publication Design
From Nowhere to Now-Here collects the stories about our “no-where” and “now-here.”
At this moment, we name our past “nowhere” and the present “now-here” because we
all came from nowhere,  and we are now here. The present moment also includes every
other moment that brought us to now.

“Nowhere” and “now-here” can be abstract, without limits, or concrete. You can place
your own story onto these terms like “Seoul to New York,” “clay to pixel,” or “white to black.”

Perhaps, we have been staying at the starting point or we left there a long time ago.
Where did you come from? Are you still there? Or have you found somewhere different?
How did you come here? What does it mean to you?

When do we use the words “achieved” or “arrived”? When are our “now-heres” ideal?
Are we close enough to there now? Are we heading in the right direction?

Instrcution video